Beautiful Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair

November 28, 2018StyleMidas


Growing a natural hair is so amazing yet challenging especially if you are just starting out.

African women with natural short hair often encounter surprises and troubles with their hair.

Sometimes it is so difficult to find non tasking and cool natural hairstyles for short hair. I’m sure you’ll understand the point I’m trying to make if you are just starting out your natural hair journey.

Beautiful HairStyles For Short Natural Hair

If you’ve been struggling with coming up with meaningful, beautiful, decent and easy hairstyles for short natural hair, then you should know that there are quite a number of amazing and stylish hairstyles for your short hair, but for the purpose of this post, we have collected few pictures of the cute cute ones, and these styles do not involve cutting your hair in a specific way or dying them out with a specific color.

1. Bantu knots.

Bantu knots are protective styles often associated among women with natural hair of all types and I bet you, trying them out will let you know that it’s one of the perfect hairstyles for short natural hair!
Bantu knots are also referred to as Zulu knots since it originated from the a Bantu ethnic group among the Zulu people of South Africa. They look really amazing when styled on short hair. The length of your hair also determines the size of each knots. But in case you’d want something larger, you can employ the use of extensions.

2. Inner weaving, Inverted Cornrows or Didi braids

I’m sure that by listing out the three names this style is known as, you will not find yourself asking what is this or that. Inverted cornrows or didi braids as they are commonly known as is a convenient type of short hairstyles for black women. It is ideal for natural hair of all length and type but just perfect for people with short hair.

Did braids will protect your hair and allow for full handling during weaving. Every section of your hair can easily get picked up, not withstanding the length.

3. Corn Rows

This is by far the most common hairstyle among the several widely adopted short hairstyles for black women. Cornrows are so common that almost anyone can make it for people looking for protective style for natural hair. It is in fact often the basis for other hair styles.
To prevent an extremely short end, you can add extensions.

4. Twist Out

Twist out is becoming a rather popular protective style for natural hair. Giving yourself a new look with twist out will definitely let everyone else know you ain’t just an everyday Afro chic! They are beautiful when done properly. So, why not change that look today with a twist out for your short hair?

5. Afro with side part

If you are a naturalista, I’m sure you’ve rocked an Afro hair style. Besides it is the natural style given to black hair once combed out. You could spice this up a bit and add a side parting to your hair. It sounds basic, but trust me, you’ll love the different and classic look it will give to you in a very simple way.

An easy step to achieving a fuller and stretcher Afro hair style is to simply mat your hair the night before bedtime so it doesn’t compress.

6. Mini afro Buns

No one ever said buns were for babies! If you’ll love the baby look buns will give to you, then yes! Buns are beautiful styles, they will make your natural short hair look ravishing. You can spice up your looks by using gold or silver plated bands, or simply any color you desire to achieve your look.


I’m pretty sure these beautiful hairstyles for short natural hair have inspired you on what next to do with your natural short hair. Good luck fellow naturalista.

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